Off-Campus Mobile 101 is an off campus student services company which allows businesses to market their establishment directly to the students through an off-campus guide and/or a mobile web based listing service. These services allow students and faculty to receive the most comprehensive real time information about the surrounding community.
Off-Campus Mobile 101 LLC was developed to streamline the relationships between the university and off-campus businesses. It is the objective of OCM101 to provide students and faculty with the most current off-campus information available.

OCM101 assists universities by ensuring students interested in learning more about off campus businesses, whether that be off-campus housing options, food establishments, book stores, etc., have access to accurate information, coupons and specials. We also provide the students a quick reference to university contact numbers in case of an emergency making our services a one-stop-shop for the users. OCM101 essentially provides the university with an off campus department without the overhead expense!